Jacaranda Mimosifolia

The jacaranda mimosifolia is arguably the most-beautiful street tree of all, and one of the most beautiful of all specimen trees. Flowering in summer it has spectacular, lush purple or lavender flowers and striking green textured leaves. When the petals fall to the ground they make  for a glorious purple carpet. It's a tree with an elegant, open limb structure. It can be planted as a single specimen in a garden, in numbers on a large block or an acreage, or in clusters on a property or farm
. It can take five to six years or longer to start flowering, depending on conditions and the sub-species of jacaranda, but the wait is worth it. There are more than 50 different species of Jacaranda trees, the most popular being jacaranda mimosifolia. Other varieties include acutifolia, the rare yellow jacaranda (peltophorum), jasminoides, alagoensis, chelonia, curialis, filicifolia, pubescens, subvelutina and tomentosa.